Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long time no blog!

Oops! We kind of forgot that we have to keep updating the blog... in the back of our minds we had hoped that it would update itself. Alas, Google has yet to figure out that technology... hopefully not for long.

The last four months have been extremely busy. We are now living in Jaimee's parents' house while they are serving as Mission Presidents in the Washington Kennewick Mission. We will go back and back date some entries to cover the time in between. In the mean time, here are some cute pictures of Kate.

She loves to shower with Dad...

Kate learned how to pull herself up to the standing position this week! We are in trouble now!

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Liz said...

So hey, when the heck are you Gabrielsen's going to get your act together so Nanna and BaBa can see more of this beautiful grandaughter of ours. This blog is great, but like the Isrealites of old, we need the manna from heaven, which these pictures are!
By the way, have I told you how much we love you all!