Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Adventures

Life is moving too fast at our house. What I mean, is Kate is moving too fast! She is exploring the entire house including THE STAIRS! In addition to chasing after Kate, we are now chasing a puppy too. We adopted "Annie" the not-so-golden retriever a little over a month ago. She is very sweet and surprisingly calm for a puppy, but she either thinks she is a baby like Kate, or that Kate is a dog. They roll around on the floor together- Kate loves to feed Annie, and play with her toys. There must be some primal desire to have what is not our own (Annie seems to enjoy Kate's toys too!).


Jenn said...

Love the new pictures! Kate looks like so much fun! When are you singing again Jamie?? I would LOVE to hear you!!!

Liz said...

It is about time you updated this blog. I love the pictures of you all and think that since you produce such beuatiful babies......J/K(kind of). I can't really tell if your puppy is real or not, she looks like one those big stuffed animals that just sit on the floor and look cute. Take another picture or her so I can see her better. Love to you all!

Heidi Louise said...

I love how big Kate is getting... yet it is kind of sad at the same time. She is such a beautiful little girl. Takes after me I guess! LOL